I Talk to the Dead and the Sh!t They Say Will Make You Think Twice About the Life You’re Living.

Ever wonder what’s going on in the mind of a Medium that is communicating with the Dead? Well, I’m going to give you a glimpse of the entertaining lessons that I receive from their vibrations of wisdom… What they have to say is surprisingly amusing and enlightening. So here are some of the most interesting thoughts they have shared with me…

1. Relationships Matter, but You Matter Most.
Reading after reading Spirit (the Dead) tells me that the way we craft our relationships will be evaluated upon transition into the Spirit world. However, that does not mean that they want you to compromise your personal joy for the sake of painfully holding onto a tortured relationship. See, you matter and the relationships you hold matter, but your life, your best life lived encompass your happiness, albeit not at the expense of others’ suffering. Choose yourself before you choose your relationship and then all parties win.

2. They Know What You’re Thinking… the Good & Bad Stuff Too.
Don’t bother lying to yourself or to a Medium for that matter, because yes, Spirit will expose you when you are behaving badly. Have you ever smugly plotted something less than pleasant? Well you might want to remind yourself of who is present. It is not just your fans, but perhaps the deceased loved ones of your enemies too. You’ll notice that there’s no coincidence that your mischievous plot gets foiled; there are more eyes watching than you are even aware of. Should you be frightened, no…but that does mean that you might want to reconsider your actions, especially if they are not for your highest good.

3. You Are Never Alone and Yes, They See You F@%k!

What’s it like when you’re about to make love and you’re reminded by Spirit that you have an audience. Well, if you ask my Hubby, he’ll tell you it will either kill the mood or you’ll be giving your best impression of a celebrity porno gone wild in hopes of pleasing the crowd. Seriously… yes, Seriously! Fact of the matter is, of course the Dead see you naked, but they don’t really care. Although, I’ll tell you every once in a while, you’ll get a renegade spirit who’ll make you laugh right at that climatic moment.

4. Spirit Wants You To Fail So That You Will Ultimately Succeed.
How many times have you felt like you’re going in the wrong direction but because of obligation, fear or complacency you continue down that path? Well, that is when Spirit will “intervene” and provide you with opportunities for you to try, and try again. Insane, I know, but think about it, how many times did it take you until Spirit had no choice but to rip the carpet out from underneath your feet so that you’d redirect yourself? I bet if you would reflect, you’ll realize how important that rug burn really was.

5. Spirit Is Invested In Your Success, And That Has Nothing To Do With Material Acquisitions.
Your soul comes here to learn, and sometimes that can be messy. Yet it’s not how many times you fail or get up, it’s what you learn in the process. You know, I’ve asked Spirit time and time again, why do I need to go through “nonsense” and they give me the same response: when are you willing to learn; not exactly what I want to hear as I huff and puff at their snarky remark back to me. But what about material means, does Spirit hold those with financial prosperity to a different scale. The answer is No. They just remind us all that those individuals are working on different lessons, and you might have already succeeded at those, while others might still be a work-in-progress.

6. Life Exists After Death, Whether You Want To Believe It Or Not.

So, I’ve been told time & time again by the Dead that life doesn’t end when an individual passes. Instead, they tell me that this is when we begin to realize the life transition from one realm into another. If you’re like most people, you’ve experienced the gut wrenching, heart-breaking loss of a loved one (whether human or animal) and have had to come to terms with it in some form or another. Not an easy feat I might add. But Spirit assures me that whether you want to hear it or not, or think you’re ready to believe it or not, life does exist after death. Interesting tidbit, your loved ones tell me that weeks prior to an individuals’ passing, Helpers are aligned on both sides of the veil to prepare an individual for transition; so in essence that means that no soul will ever transition alone. I don’t know about you, but I personally find that very comforting. Think of it this way, your welcome-home committee has been pre-selected…basically, it’s like knowing that you are getting VIP treatment complete with white glove service.

7. Love Matters Most.
What else can be said, anything else would seem ludicrous. Nonetheless, you might ask yourself, what does that mean. Well Spirit tells me Love contains the Love of Self, Love of Others, Love of Community, Love of the World, Love of the Universe, One Love, Unconditional Love, Just Love. When you see, know, and become love, that’s all you’ll attract. Love doesn’t manipulate, nor does it come with conditions or a set of rules. When you embrace your heart center, free of judgment, you’ll be afforded the luxury of experiencing Love time and time again.

So, what have I learned so far… Well, Dead people have opinions, both good and not-so-good. As the Dead evolve, they remind us in almost every occasion to expect the unexpected, live with joy as our motivator and to embrace life with all its nuisances. For in the end, Love is all that matters… the rest are just lessons and it is up to you on how you choose to experience this life.

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Spirited.

Psychic Medium

3rd Annual Bethany House Fundraiser w/ Shira Psychic Medium & Team

Last Wednesday night, May 18th, 2016 was a huge success thanks to an incredible team of volunteers from Bethany House and Shira Psychic Medium. This large group of ladies gave their hearts to help Bethany House charity raise over $14,000.00 to help homeless women and children in Nassau County at the Rockville Links Club. Many of the women and children helped by Bethany House are victims of domestic violence.




The evening kicked off with an incredible team of readers and energy healers tuning into their abilities to give the fundraiser attendees some valuable advice and healing during private sessions. Shira Psychic Medium then delivered an unbelievable gallery reading to an audience of over 120 people, helping them connect to their deceased loved ones. Personally, I think my favorite part was when Spirit told me I needed to speak with the “Kelly’s” and an entire table raised their hands….as that was their last name. Gotta love Spirit!


Bethany House Shira Psychic Medium Fundraiser  Bethany House Shira Psychic Medium Fundraiser Long Island  Bethany House Shira Psychic Medium Fundraiser Long Island  Bethany House Shira Psychic Medium Fundraiser Long Island


The evening even received political support, when Senator, Todd Kaminsky, gave an uplifting speech, commanding that he would do all he possibly could to support Bethany House.   Days later, we learned that Sister Aimee Koonmen of Bethany House, was awarded the Town of Hempstead’s 216 Making a Difference Award.


Bethany House Shira Psychic Medium Fundraiser Long Island

Bethany House Shira Psychic Medium Fundraiser Long Island Senator Todd Kaminsky

Bethany House Shira Psychic Medium Fundraiser Long Island Senator Todd Kaminsky

Bethany House Shira Psychic Medium Fundraiser Long Island Senator Todd Kaminsky

If you’d like to learn more about Bethany House, here’s a great synopsis of their mission:

 Bethany House is a composite of residential options for women and children who are caught in the crisis of homelessness. Bethany defines its mission as a response to its belief that each person deserves and needs adequate food, clothing, and shelter, provided in a nurturing and sustaining environment.   

          Bethany House exists to strengthen and assist those women and children from Long Island who are deprived of the basic resources required for natural and healthy growth and development. Bethany House seeks to provide a homelike atmosphere wherein shelter, care, and comprehensive services combine to encourage the individual or family to attain self-sufficiency and restore human dignity.

To achieve this end, Bethany House:

Employs a multi-services approach of supportive counseling, family life education and specific programs to those made vulnerable to crisis.

Advocates and networks with other agencies to obtain needed services and benefits for those in its care.

Creates opportunities for change on the individual case level, and acts to effect broader change on the systemic level when recurring social problems are presented.

Seeks to educate and involve the community at large in a concerted effort to prevent homelessness when possible, and to respond effectively to it when preventive efforts fail

          Bethany House is committed to work to assure and protect the dignity and individual worth of each person, particularly that of the women and children who have been deprived of the basic right to shelter.

Donate to Bethany House (BHNY.org) here: http://www.bhny.org/index.php?option=com_jdonation&view=donation&Itemid=174

For more information on having Shira Psychic Medium at your #Fundraiser or corporate event, please contact: events@ShiraPsychicMedium.com  


Photo Credits to: www.allisoncolluraphotography.com


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Kickass & Heart-Centered Wisdom Will You Receive Today from Shira Psychic Medium

Kickass & Heart-Centered Wisdom Will You Receive Today from Shira Psychic Medium:
How intuitive development empowers women and her tips to develop yours
Why that “gut feeling” is not always the best way to tap into your intuition when making decisions
How she uses her gift as a psychic medium to help others (and how you can do the same)
And more!

Watch the Empowered Entrepeneurs Spotlight interview with Shira Psychic Medium & Life Coach Jaclyn Wallach!!



Follow Your Own Guidance System in 3 Easy Steps…

Replay. Refocus. Renew.
You are your own guidance system. For your higher self is placing you in situations that help you to accelerate your choices. See, choices for that matter are what enable you to make decisions. Your choice allows you to focus on what you want, or focus on what you don’t want. Due to your focus, your life results will vary greatly. Now, that may sound obvious, but I can assure you, it’s not.

Here’s why: When you focus on what you want, you attract more vibrant situations/people that are abundant with joy. When you focus on what you don’t want, you attract lack and more of the same crap. It’s that simple.

Take a moment and think about a situation that has presented itself to you in the past. What did you decide? Did you choose a situation with an outcome that made you feel joyful and you ultimately wanted more situations and people like that? Or, did you focus on a situation that aggravated you and instead chose to focus on what you couldn’t stand about it, what was wrong with it or the person and why it just didn’t work for you?

Well, why not look at that situation in a “replay” mode. Literally, let’s alter your reality and create a do-over if you chose a negative response/experience. This time, replay in your mind what worked in the choice or situation. Did the choice allow you to find freedom or something else that resulted in joy, happiness, laughter, etc. even if at a later date? Go ahead and look at it again, find the silver lining in it. Sure, it may sound like I’m telling you to wear rosy glasses but would you rather where dark ones? See if you start finding the positive in your choices, you are trusting your inner guidance system. When you’re not, it’s like your compass simply broke.

Know this, your inner guidance system is always “on”.
You are never lost. You are actually guiding your life experiences. So ask yourself this: are you on auto-pilot? Or a you taking an active role in expressing what makes your happy. I’m not saying ignore what does not make you happy. However, I am saying to not focus on it. If you are giving more than 15 seconds of thought to an unpleasant choice/situation/person than you will be attracting more of the same for your future. So, the second that occurs…stop it, stop that thought pattern. Refocus yourself and think of the happiest situation/place/person or choice that really made you smile. Find one that made you happy and feel good and reminisce in that immediately. For this intentional self-distraction will yield you more positive experiences that you’re longing for. Or of course, you could simply do more of the same and find dissatisfying situations. The choice is yours… will you listen to your inner guidance system that is always leading you to the light? Or will you ignore it and wallow in self-inflicted pain?

3 Steps is all it takes: Replay. Refocus. Renew.
It really is that Easy!

With Love,

The Misdirection of the Masses

The Misdirection of the Masses.

Wait, what?! What’d she say? Is that really coming out of a Psychic’s mouth?


Misdirection, is what separates the sheep from the herders. It’s what lends the masses the comforting zen of living in someone else’s world. Society and its leaders have programmed the general masses to place their focus on everyone else but themselves. Ask yourself this: How many times have you focused on a celebrity’s breakup scandal, their designer diggs, or even their twitter feed of unrequited banter?  If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll say daily or even several times a day! And that’s exactly how “they” want it to be. The focus, or shall I say, your focus, has been easily misdirected.

Misdirected you say? How so? I’m interested in learning about Bruce Jenners’ transformation or Katy Perrys’ super bowl performance…what’s wrong with that, you say?   Well, nothing really… you are entitled to have interests. But what if you took a moment and stopped focusing on everyone else and instead turned your focus inward? Then, for the first time you’d find yourself. You’d find exactly what “they” don’t want you to find….your FOCUS, you’d find YOU.

See, misdirection is a clever motivator. If you have young children, you do this all the time. Perfect example: your child wants a cookie and you don’t want him/her to eat it, so you direct him/her to play with their toys or watch their favorite cartoon and reward him/her with praise for listening and obeying.   There’s probably nothing wrong with that, but you’ve done exactly what society has allowed and supported in your own household. You have misdirected their focus from one area to another to best suite your own needs and wants. And that’s how simple it is. That’s what society has done to us all. More appropriately, that’s what we’ve allowed.

But what if I told you, from a Psychic Mediums’ perspective that you don’t have to stand for misdirection.   What if all you needed was to be reminded of who you truly are? What if, you stopped and listened to your higher self…that little voice in your head that guides you away from problems. What if I reminded you, that you too can awaken. Well…would you? Would you live in the land of sheep and continue to graze or would you wake up, and find your focus and promote your inner well being?

Your authentic self knows your true capacity. It knows that even if you were misdirected in the past, you can choose again and regain your focus. You don’t have to accept being misdirected. You always have the option to change and change again. Mercury happens to be retrograde right now and accordingly so, it’s a perfect time for you all to re-examine your direction and re-evaluate your focus.

Let your revelation put YOU at the center of it. Choose You! Wait…how do I exactly do that, you think to yourself? How do I quiet my mind that is racing with so much unnecessary information about other people that have nothing to do with you? It’s simple.   You stop. You focus. You trust.

Who do you trust, you think to yourself? Well… you trust in the light, you trust in your spiritual guides and you trust in YOU.  And that’s how misdirection unravels.

Do you want to learn how to trust in your own messages that you’re receiving (but most likely are dismissing)? Do you feel a need to go within, be centered, clear your mind, and become your true self again? Are you tired of being misdirected like sheep, following one another without having individual thought? If yes, then allow me the privilege of assisting you in your awakening.

Here’s how… take the steps to learn to recognize your higher self, spirit, guides and angels. You all have powerful teams of helpers working with you on the other side of the veil; and many of you do not even realize this. That’s okay, though. You’re just waking up. Don’t be so hard on yourself… Rome wasn’t built in a day, now was it!

But, Rome did get built, and it all began with focus and direction. So lets build your inner temple. Lets enlighten you and wake you up to the beautiful messages from Spirit, that are just yearning to reach your consciousness. Lets begin by awakening your inner light through the power of mediumship.

When you learn to trust in you, you are no longer misdirected. Spirit reveals a layer of complete transparency that helps you to live your life with joy and love. Once you learn to trust in YOU, you’ll be amazed with the clear direction in your life.

Choose You. Choose Mediumship 101. Choose March 8th. Choose to be there. Choose to no longer graze. Chose to wake up from the misdirection.  Chose to learn to communicate on another level; it could very well be the start of your new future.

Want to attend this dynamic mediumship development workshop, here’s the details: MEDIUMSHIP101

  • Sunday, March 8th, 2015
  • Melville Marriott  – 1350 Old Walt Whitman Road, Melville, NY 11747
  • $149 + tax for Full Day Event (lunch not included)
  • Register at http://conta.cc/1y3zZCe

XOXO, Shira Psychic Medium

Watch the Video:  Mediumship 101 – Shira Psychic Medium Sarah Intuitive Channel for more about the event.

You are Meant to Sparkle!

Welcome to Shira Psychic Medium’s Blog.
Let’s connect & share ideas, new concepts & spirituality all in one heart-centered forum.

Spirit tells me we’re all meant to shine. However, many of us get caught up in the day to day drama of the world preventing our glimmer from showing.
At first glance, we might not notice that we’ve enveloped ourselves in it. However, if we’d just take a step back and breathe, we’d realize that detaching from toxicity is a good thing.
Really, we’d be freeing ourselves from the constricting shackles of ego-driven drama.

Have you stopped and considered how bright you really do shine?
That smile…that glimpse you give a passerby…that simple, friendly “thank you” you say to a complete stranger can truly be the complete difference in their day.
For you radiate beyond your wildest dreams and your warm glow carries you throughout the foggiest of days. Remember that with every moment in time, you
have the opportunity to recreate yourself and enhance life – yours & the lives of those around you as well.

Sparkle Bright! Live by it!
Because YOU, yes You…deserve to Sparkle!
You’re a radiant being of Light energy and although times be trying, remember to embrace the Phoenix – dust yourself off & rise from the ashes.
Remember, you are the creator of your Reality and you have the ability to clearly manifest your dreams.
Never allow anyone to dull your Sparkle. Instead, allow yourself to Sparkle Bright!

Shira Psychic Medium