You are Meant to Sparkle!

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Spirit tells me we’re all meant to shine. However, many of us get caught up in the day to day drama of the world preventing our glimmer from showing.
At first glance, we might not notice that we’ve enveloped ourselves in it. However, if we’d just take a step back and breathe, we’d realize that detaching from toxicity is a good thing.
Really, we’d be freeing ourselves from the constricting shackles of ego-driven drama.

Have you stopped and considered how bright you really do shine?
That smile…that glimpse you give a passerby…that simple, friendly “thank you” you say to a complete stranger can truly be the complete difference in their day.
For you radiate beyond your wildest dreams and your warm glow carries you throughout the foggiest of days. Remember that with every moment in time, you
have the opportunity to recreate yourself and enhance life – yours & the lives of those around you as well.

Sparkle Bright! Live by it!
Because YOU, yes You…deserve to Sparkle!
You’re a radiant being of Light energy and although times be trying, remember to embrace the Phoenix – dust yourself off & rise from the ashes.
Remember, you are the creator of your Reality and you have the ability to clearly manifest your dreams.
Never allow anyone to dull your Sparkle. Instead, allow yourself to Sparkle Bright!

Shira Psychic Medium