Follow Your Own Guidance System in 3 Easy Steps…

Replay. Refocus. Renew.
You are your own guidance system. For your higher self is placing you in situations that help you to accelerate your choices. See, choices for that matter are what enable you to make decisions. Your choice allows you to focus on what you want, or focus on what you don’t want. Due to your focus, your life results will vary greatly. Now, that may sound obvious, but I can assure you, it’s not.

Here’s why: When you focus on what you want, you attract more vibrant situations/people that are abundant with joy. When you focus on what you don’t want, you attract lack and more of the same crap. It’s that simple.

Take a moment and think about a situation that has presented itself to you in the past. What did you decide? Did you choose a situation with an outcome that made you feel joyful and you ultimately wanted more situations and people like that? Or, did you focus on a situation that aggravated you and instead chose to focus on what you couldn’t stand about it, what was wrong with it or the person and why it just didn’t work for you?

Well, why not look at that situation in a “replay” mode. Literally, let’s alter your reality and create a do-over if you chose a negative response/experience. This time, replay in your mind what worked in the choice or situation. Did the choice allow you to find freedom or something else that resulted in joy, happiness, laughter, etc. even if at a later date? Go ahead and look at it again, find the silver lining in it. Sure, it may sound like I’m telling you to wear rosy glasses but would you rather where dark ones? See if you start finding the positive in your choices, you are trusting your inner guidance system. When you’re not, it’s like your compass simply broke.

Know this, your inner guidance system is always “on”.
You are never lost. You are actually guiding your life experiences. So ask yourself this: are you on auto-pilot? Or a you taking an active role in expressing what makes your happy. I’m not saying ignore what does not make you happy. However, I am saying to not focus on it. If you are giving more than 15 seconds of thought to an unpleasant choice/situation/person than you will be attracting more of the same for your future. So, the second that occurs…stop it, stop that thought pattern. Refocus yourself and think of the happiest situation/place/person or choice that really made you smile. Find one that made you happy and feel good and reminisce in that immediately. For this intentional self-distraction will yield you more positive experiences that you’re longing for. Or of course, you could simply do more of the same and find dissatisfying situations. The choice is yours… will you listen to your inner guidance system that is always leading you to the light? Or will you ignore it and wallow in self-inflicted pain?

3 Steps is all it takes: Replay. Refocus. Renew.
It really is that Easy!

With Love,