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Shira Psychic Medium
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 45 reviews
 by Mary O'Mara

I always have a beautiful experience when I have a session with Shira. I totally enjoy connecting with my son Brian as well as my mom and other family relatives. Shira is such a sweet woman and I always look forward to my appointments with her.

 by Jennifer Kelly

Shira is a lovely person and exudes positive energy. It is a pleasure to work with her. I am amazed at how she accomplishes what she does with such accuracy. A session with her is an escape from the ordinary and an opportunity to connect with your higher self.

 by Terrie Magro

Fantastic reading today. Very professional staff, organized and efficient Shots is amazing, details she tells you no one could know. Very relaxed and connects with spirit on a high level. I rate Shira a 5 plus plus You will not be disappointed.

 by Eileen Kramer

Thank you Shira for an excellent reading! you are the best in the world! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!

 by James Pollani

Had an amazing reading by Shira,as a first time client she said my daughter and I had a lot of energy so we were easy to read. Things that were spot on that can never be know by her we’re to the point. My daughter and I were at tears at times by the read she was giving us. I am definitely going to rebook another reading for myself and also my wife who wants to go th Shira after hearing ur experience. Thank you Shia for the greatest reading we have eve experienced.

 by Kristie J Foresto

I had such a great experience with Shira & cant wait to book a visit again! I felt very satisfied at the end of our time together.

 by Jennifer Andreno Woodard

This is the second time having a reading with shira and when I left my heart was filled with joy. Being able to hear from my mom and know she's with me every step of the way brings me so much peace and contentment.

 by Amy Gerson

8 months ago my world crumbled....I had lost the love of my life and my job within 3 weeks...I was on a mission to connect I had the pleasure of first meeting Shira at one of her events that she was hosting in April-and immediately after made my appointment for a private session. After a 3 month wait--I couldn't have been more elated with the session. I am grateful for my time with her-and cannot wait to see how the things I learned, come to fruition.... xo

 by Christine Norton

You truly have an unbelievable gift, thank you.

 by Sharon Appleman Greenwald

Shira met all of my expectations. I had heard she was good and now I know firsthand that she is.

 by Lyn Beer

I've had a personal reading with shira, and wow! The minor details that there's no doubt it came from family that have passed on it's incredible. I've also had two recconnective healing sessions with shira, again really amazing stuff! I will be back for more readings in the future

 by Katie Strafer

My experience with Shira was positive and memorable. I must say I'm glad I took notes of my meeting with her. Certain names and situations were mentioned which I was not fully aware of, until I spoke with family and what she said was validated. Otherwise, she mentioned names and other specifics of those passed and current situations that were indeed valid. She also sketched visual images she received, which explained a lot of my questions. I walked out of her office feeling my mother ( who passed) was truly with me-along with other past loved ones.

 by Jillian Peralta Jones
Thank You!!

Shira, I can't thank you enough for the beautiful reading you gave me today. It was incredible and I left with such a natural high!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love, Jillian

 by Cathleen
An amazing messenger who is genuine

Shira did a wonderful job speaking on behalf of my deceased mother and many others who left this world. I must say after the messages she relayed, I knew my mom is here and listening. Shira also helped me find a book I was certain I threw away months ago, but was able to help me locate it. She also discussed current and future situations which helped guide me in the right direction. For anyone looking to connect with a loved one and / or their future, I would advise her. I also believe she can be a great teacher and writer for those interested in expanding their own intuition and knowledge.

 by Michael
Great experience!

I just finished my first reading with Shira, and I was really impressed with the detail that she was able to provide. There was so much information packed into the 30 minute session, I could hardly keep up! I wished that I had scheduled a longer session, so I signed up for another reading right away!

 by George Koury
Thank you for an amazing reading!

Shira is a truly wonderful Psychic Medium. She went immediately into the heart of issues I was concerned with and gave me information and insights that we clear, and right on point. Her connection with the spirit world is amazing. Thank you Shira!

 by Jose
new review

Just wanted to say thank you! I won't lie I was a little skeptical, emotional, nervous, and hopefully at the same time. I think we all felt like that because we were scared of being disappointed. I could not have even hoped for what you did, it surpassed anything that we would have even wished for. You were so detailed with your information and we really felt connected to you and our loved ones. It was truly amazing! I feel that the spirit world is truly around us and I also feel a sense of healing. I was able to sleep last night in a way that I haven't been able to since my mom had gotten sick. Thank you again and look forward to seeing you again in the future.

Thanks again,

 by Joann LoTruglio
You have touched my heart in so many ways

Shira , I just watched the women empowerment video, again I need to Thank You for opening my mind and my heart. You were the person who has given me my push to be who I am today, I never felt I would be opening my heart. You have given me opportunities to learn and open myself up . I now start every day knowing my heart will guide me, my heart will give someone the simple smile they needed at that moment, and the smiles back are amazing . It's the little thing I never noticed that get me through my day. Since meeting you I know I am blessed with abundance that I never knew was there, the small stuff. Again just wanted to thank you and thank Jaquline for putting this video together .. Love and light my Angel on Earth . Joann

 by Pat

Shira helped me understand the recent passing of someone I was close to. She knew details of the persons medical history that she could not have know if jot for her psychic abilities. I was feeling distraught prior to speaking with her and after the reading j was relieved and more at peace. There is no price really for peace of mind.

 by Lana Plato
Phone Reading

I had an amazing phone reading with Shira. She brought forward a few of my loved ones, & validated them by talking about recent events in mine and my childrens lives. Ive never met Shira and i live in Wyoming theres no way she couldve made any of it up she was spot on. Do yourselvesa favor and get a reading from her asap you will be amazed, i still am. Thanks again Shira!!

 by Antoinette
Private Reading

I had a private reading with Shira and all I can say is Wow! Can't believe how detailed and accurate she was. Truly amazing!

 by Melissa
Thank you

We had a group reading several weeks ago and Shira was warm, friendly, and had a very calming vibe. She mentioned things about each of us that no one would ever know or be able to Google. Several things that she mentioned have now taken place (including a new job for one of our friends & even an explosion at our next door neighbor's house). We all still talk about how amazing she is. There's no way that you will be left in doubt after you've spoken with her. Can't wait to book another reading!

 by Cheyenne
My experience

Last night i had experienced shiria for the first time. After my reading I was so moved by what she had told me. I have been to many mediums before but shiria was by far the best. I will be booking her again.

 by Michele N.

I just want to thank you for a wonderful, most memorable reading yesterday!

Everyone was so impressed and touched, and your sweetness and sincerity shined through!

Thank you so much-we are all telling our friends how amazing it was!

 by Kathy

Just wanted to say that you saved my reputation at work if not my job. You insisted that I check work from my boss and metioned a pivot table. As it happens we were set to meet today for him to show me how he does a table for our largest customer that I will now be handling. He did it quickly, emailed it to me and told me to send it out under my name. Well after what you said I checked it and found the numbers did not add up! I sent it back and he said he fixed it but it was still wrong. He is a VP and I would not usually check this spreadsheet.

Thank you does not even begin to cover what I feel.

 by Dawn

Shira had an amazing reading last week. Can't wait till my party with you in July. She is truly amazing

 by Kathy

Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart!..Attended a function 2 nights ago..., and i am still in awe of the powerful message of love you delivered to me and my daughter!... Can't wait to include my other daughter the next time we meet! xo, K

 by Jeff
an amazing journey

all i have to say is WOW- this woman is def the real deal- subjects she came upon- people- places- scenes- scenarios- single WORDS that she had no CLUE meant SO MUCH to me- and ALL OVER THE PHONE 3000 miles away- This is an experience u wont ever forget- PLEASE treat urslef to this experience- you will thank ur self for the rest of ur life- PEOPLE !!!! ur loved ones- may not be with u on Earth- but they r WAITING for u and they want you to know they r ok- and when u contact them- they will thank u in UNBELIEVABLE ways- they are as happy as u for doin this- so DO IT

 by Amy M.

Shira, I just wanted to thank you for today's reading. It was a truly amazing experience that I will treasure for a long time.

 by Beth

A reading with Shira is a phenomenal experience! She has an amazing gift! Shira brought me the comfort that I was seeking & the ability to move on. I was surprised with the accuracy of the information she was able to give. I am so grateful that she has been brought into my life. I told my friends about my experience & they wanted to have a group reading. They were all amazed by her ability . Each of us received life changing messages. Shira is the best there is!

 by Beth

A reading with Shira is a phenomenal experience! She has an amazing gift! Shira brought me the comfort that I was seeking & the ability to move on. I was surprised with the accuracy of the information she was able to give. I am so grateful that she has been brought into my life. I told my friends about my experience & they wanted to have a group reading. They were all amazed by her ability . Each of us received life changing messages. Shira is the best there is!

 by Zsaz Rutkowski

I've told everyone with ears about you and your crazy good gift. You are really the best medium I've ever been to - and I've been to a few lol

 by karen kleinman
a group reading

she was amazing last night we had 7 people and she was right on with everything she said I myself lost my dog 4 yrs ago and I must admit I wanted (needed) to hear from him my grandmother brought him to me she knew him so well told me things she couldn't know I had this feeling thru my whole body something I never felt before it happen to me so many times till I walked into my house.my 1 sister 1 cousin and my daughter was there too so many came thru to us I cant wait to see her again she's the best and worth every dollar thank you shira

 by Joann
Shira is an Angel on Earth Thank You

Shira, meeting you is a Blessing to anyone .. You are an Angel here on earth who delivers messages from our past Loved Ones to us .. You have brought Love, Understanding and Peace to me. Meeting you when I did was meant to be. You closed so many open ends, and opened my eyes and heart to new Beginnings . I to after meeting you, had a question, as to after the passing of my sister in law, that night I woke up to the smell of her Perfume. I knew she was with me, and letting me know she was ok. You confirmed that for me and put me at ease. I thank you for all that you have told me, bringing Love and Light into my Life.

 by Vanessa Rosenberger Campos

WOW!!! You have a wonderful and amazing gift!!! Thank you for everything… Words can not express how I felt except thank you… Sparkle on lovely lady…

 by Marni Sherman Nelson

I had the most AMAZING night…went to a psychic medium night and heard from my father after more than 20 years. I cried like a baby, but feel more euphoric than I have ever in my life. Thank you Shira Psychic Medium for allowing my father to contact me and let me know he’s ok and always with me, which I’ve been wondering about for so long, and thank you Dad for reaching out to me and letting me know you’re leaving the loose change around the house that I’ve been blaming on my husband, but really was just a sign from you that you are watching over me and my family. I’m a believer. 100% a believer.

 by Jennifer Gordon Glanaga

Thank you for a wonderful, enlightening evening. So good to take time from our busy schedules to engage in something so positive and loving. Without you it wouldn’t have been possible. Your spirit and message are empowering. Thanks again!

 by Alicia Howe-Orti

I would like to thank you Shira for a wonderful reading. Since my last reading I felt a reassurance that my loved ones are watching over me and my grandfather who passed away before I was born had never left my side and been my guardian angel. Things you have mentioned from my reading has gradually been happening. You said to wait in March to look my husband and I found a home in March which you did say will happen and we are going to close in April. We are both so thrilled how everything is going smoothly. With great appreciation, thank you again.

 by Michelle Dawn

Thank you for the most incredible, heartfelt and accurate reading I have ever had…You have a very special gift and a very loving way of presenting your gift…I was truly honored to have you communicate with my loved ones…and repeat to me their messages…In addition, you went above and beyond for my son and myself…Words cannot express how grateful I am …Thank you so very much!!!

 by Cindy Breitman

Today a friend and I sat down with Shira for a reading. I went in with an open mind though I have always been a skeptic. I am still processing all that was said today. It was right on target, specific and relevant. It is making me think about many things and I am left craving more time with Shira despite her giving so much of her time during the reading. One thing in particular was so unbelievably on target that there was just no possible way it was a general statement that anybody could apply to their lives. The same was exactly true of what was said to my friend. It really makes you rethink the way you think about everything. Thank you Shira. I am so happy I came to see you today.

 by Marilyn Hutnick

Shira, thank you so much for the awesome reading the other night, loved hearing from my mother and all the accurate validations, were amazing!!! great night !!! alot of energy in that room !! LOL!!

Thanks again !!!! sending you love !

 by Kerri Anne

Just wanted to say thank you so much for today. The reading exceeded my expectations and brought me so much clarity and peace. The amount of things you knew that it took me a minute to realize or even understand was incredible! You have such a positive energy about you that made me feel at ease and very open to hear what was being said to me. Thank you from every part of my heart for reuniting me with my brother.

 by Vicki Rivera-Pepe

Shira, thank you for today. My mom came through immediately and you were SPOT ON about how she ” runs the show” lol. You brought peace to me that I needed. Thank you again. The Christmas season will be happier this year. Thank you thank you thank you!!

 by Ellen Lederer DeFrancesco

Shira – Thank you so much for the reading. I’m still trying to process all the information and I realized today that you don’t HAVE a gift. You ARE the gift. To others. I walk with a sense of peace and less fear. You are blessed with a wonderful skill and I am grateful you share it with others such as myself. I feel lucky to have met you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

 by Vincent Grey

Shira, I cant thank you enough for today’s reading. It was so detailed and inspiring. I came away with even more validation, knowing we are never alone here in the physical world. Thank you for being so welcoming and look forward to seeing you again soon!!!